Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are now available at https://www.ticketweb.uk/search?q=vessel

Can I buy tickets to the festival on the door?

We will not be reserving any tickets to be sold on the door, so if you want to guarantee your entry to the festival, we would advise buying your ticket in advance. If we have unsold tickets on the day of the festival, we will make these available on the door.

What do I get for my ticket?

  • Your advance purchase ticket gets you:
  • Entry to the session for which you bought a ticket
  • An exclusive festival glass which you can keep
  • A booklet with all the festival details including brewery information and beer list
  • Your first drink

Can I use my ticket for any session?

No, you need to buy a ticket for the specific session(s) you want to attend. We have a maximum capacity for each session, so need to be able to control the number of people attending.

How do I purchase beer at the festival?

All festival beer and cider must be purchased using tokens, which will be available to buy at the festival. Every beer will cost one token.

Following overwhelming feedback from last year’s festival, we will be serving beer in third of a pint glasses. This will enable you to try more of the beers on offer. 

How much will tokens cost?

The cost of the tokens will depend on the cost of the beer we purchase for the festival. We will confirm the token cost nearer the time. 

Why do I have to pay for entry, and then pay to buy beer?

The ticket price covers our costs in producing the festival, e.g. venue hire, insurance, security, equipment hire, etc. The money spent on tokens covers the cost of the beer and cider.

I don’t like hoppy beers, will there be other styles at the festival?

Yes, we will carefully choose the beers from each brewery to showcase the best of what they do, while ensuring a variety of styles are available, from pales, IPAs and DIPAs, to stouts, porters, barley wines and sours.

And if beer isn’t your thing we’ll have some lovely ciders as well.

I don’t like beer or cider, can I still come?

Yes of course. We strongly believe that there is a beer for everyone, and if you don’t like beer you just haven’t tried enough styles yet. This is the perfect opportunity to sample some of the best beers around, and maybe find your new favourite drink.

Will there be food at the festival?

Yes. We will confirm the food vendors nearer the time of the festival.

Will there be entertainment at the festival?

Call us old fashioned, but we like to be able to have a chat at a beer festival, so we have decided not to have any live music. We will have a DJ playing music throughout, but at an acceptable volume to aid conversation.

There will also be talks and tastings with some of our brewers.

Will there be merch available to buy at the festival?


Can I use credit/debit card to pay for tokens, food and merch?

We are aiming to make this year’s festival cashless.